About Us

Established in 2018, we are proud to be California’s hometown hemp company. We are a knowledge-focused hemp store and wholesale distributor of quality hemp flower extract products such as vape oils, tinctures, and other hemp products including organically grown hemp flower and edibles. We are the premiere hemp company in California and are focused to bring high-quality CBD products to the table for our consumer’s overall wellness.

We at Wellgreens CBD believe hemp is a medicinal plant and should be interpreted as such. We only use the highest quality material and manufacturing process that will bring the best level of healing effects for our customers. Our goal is to set a standard for the industry in terms of production, product, educating community and to provide the highest quality CBD products at a competitive price. We make sure our lab-tested products have the exact ingredients listed and deliver the explicit potency promised.

Why Choose Us?

Perfected for consumer satisfaction

Wellgreens CBD manufactures CBD to improve the wellness of everybody who uses our products. We work hard to make every day better for your customers: The stressed-out businessperson that works round the clock. The athlete who needs a new way to enhance his or her work out routine. Everyone deserves to feel like their best self.


Third-party lab tested

Wellgreens CBD products are made with the highest quality ingredients. All products are procured from hemp farmed only in the United States, include only natural ingredients and are infused with beneficial essential oils. All CBD is tested before formulation and all products are batch tested before distribution.

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