With the growing demand of CBD vape products, users unknown with vaping may be wondering how to vape CBD oil and ejuice. While there is no easy route to describe using CBD in your vape mod or ecigarette perfectly, there are some guidelines to ensure you get the optimal performance and CBD effects.

Even if you’ve never used a vape pen or ecig, you may only be a few steps away from getting the most effective dosage of cannabidiol possible using a simple system for all levels of users. First off, it’s important to understand some basic things about CBD that will hopefully help you better understand why vaping CBD isn’t just easy, it’s the most direct method for ensuring you get the optimal serving. In essence, the way you manage your CBD, may have a great deal to do with how much your body takes in.

To clarify, the amount of a specific supplement the human body will take in is referred to as bioavailability. Your bioavailability measures how much of something you’re able to consume and process in a single serving or dosage. With that in mind, the bioavailability of CBD ranges from around 15% for oral supplements like tinctures and edibles, all the way up to 60% for CBD vape juice.

That’s a big rise in consumption and choosing to vape CBD can deliver quite a bit more of the supplement at one time specifically due to how it gets to your bloodstream. In detail, when you ingest cannabidiol (eat it, under your tongue, on your tongue, etc.) it has to go through your digestive systems on its way to your endocannabinoid system and each filter cuts down on the potency of the original dosage.


When you inhale CBD vape or CBD oil in your ejuice, absorption is almost instant and you take in the maximum dosage your body can process instantly and almost straight to the bloodstream toward your cannabinoid receptors. As a result, the growth of vaping CBD has been exponential and though many users prefer a drop on their tongue or a CBD vitamin as a dietary supplement, those who are already satisfied with vaping are finding it much easier and more budget friendly to get their daily dosage.

But how do you know you’ve got the correct wattage or temperature to vape CBD? Although some products and materials require set power levels, resistances and heat to vaporize efficiently to optimize both flavor and vapor production, CBD vaping products work similarly to conventional vape juice. Infact, while many businesses offer liquid CBD oil or additive that can be mixed with your favored vape juice, others are offering calculated doses already mixed into their CBD eliquid. As a result, vapers who are adapted to the experience of using vape juice won’t likely need to change anything, they simply add the CBD to their rotation in the required dosage.

While this appears to be a simple answer for the experienced user, what about first time vapers who aren’t accustomed with the sensation, how to operate them or the expected effects of vaping CBD? There’s only good news here, the learning curve to understand how to vape CBD only requires users to understand the operation of their device and finding a suitable temperature and wattage that produces tasty and effective results. The better news is, this requires research, which means, the more you vape, the more you’ll understand what you like and how to improve the result.