Pure Cannabidiol Oil Drops

Wellgreens CBD Tincture is a nutritional supplement that is formulated with 100% pure cannabidiol.

What is Wellgreens CBD Tincture?

Wellgreens CBD Tincture is a nutritional supplement that claims to be the most powerful cannabis drop available on the market today.

It guarantees to be legal in all 50 states with no prescription. Using 100% cannabidiol, you can enjoy an extensive variety of health gains including the diminished risk of diseases and relief from joint pain, among many others.

The tincture also claims that it contains no synthetic chemicals or stimulants: all of the ingredients are natural or organic.

One thing that Wellgreens CBD Tincture doesn’t do is tell any of its advantages: in the last few months, the FDA has sent numerous warning letters to CBD manufacturers across America for making bold claims about the health gains of CBD. That’s why all health benefit information has been removed from the Wellgreens CBD Tincture packaging and sales pages on the website.

What’s the secret behind this herbal extract? Does it work as advertised?

How Does Wellgreens CBD Tincture Work?

Wellgreens CBD Tincture claims to use a 100% natural and organic cannabidiol herbal extract formula.

Cannabidiol, is the chemical compound found in marijuana that is believed to provide immense health benefits. It also bears virtually no THC which is the part of marijuana that gives psychoactive effects. In other words, cannabidiol lets you enjoy the rumored health gains of marijuana with NO downsides.

Wellgreens CBD Tincture claims that it uses cannabis plants that have been bred for years “to have high CBD content and low THC content”. These plants are all industrial hemp plants. Then, the oil is processed further to eliminate all traces of THC.

Who Makes Wellgreens CBD Tincture?

Wellgreens CBD Tincture is made by a company called Wellgreens CBD. That company has been known to produce a wide variety of CBD products including CBD Vape Juice, CBD Gummies, Health and Beauty Products and Pet treats.

Wellgreens CBD offers its Full Spectrum Tincture in 6 different dosages and 5 Flavors.

Dosage: 100 MG, 250 MG, 500 MG, 750 MG, 1000 MG, 1500 MG

Flavors: Green Olive, Lemon, Natural Hemp, Pine Apple, and Strawberry.

You can contact the company by phone at (213) 294-9802 or by using the contact information found at this page: wellgreenscbd.us/contact or by mail at 3621 California Ave Suite C, Bakersfield, CA 93309.

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